New Lands By Charles Fort

New Lands  By Charles Fort
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By Charles Fort

Pub by Sphere Books, UK, 1974

Paperback – shop stamp in inside cover & fold line on cover.

Charles Fort believed that no matter how honest scientists think they are, they are still influenced by various unconscious assumptions that prevent them from attaining true objectivity. In this book Fort tackles a great number of unexplained paranormal occurrences from a fresh and unbiased point of view. His writing is complex, violent and poetic, satirical and subtle, and profound.

Long before the X-Files popularized the idea of objectively investigating paranormal events, Fort was investigating these happenings and chronicling his findings.

* The phantom city suspended over the Eath

* The horse that swam in the sky

*The mysterious light that killed one brohter, seriously injured the second – and caused the third to disappear.

Charles Fort, the controverial author whw dares to speak out against the blind dogmas of scince,    these an many other incredible events and presnts the most provocative, challenging and startling collection of occult and psychi phenomenoa recorded in the twentieth century.