The Shining Ones – the world’s most powerful secret society revealed

The Shining Ones – the world’s most powerful secret society revealed
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By Philip Gardiner

Published by Radikal Phase Publishing House Ltd 2004,

Paperback, 150mm x 210mm

In great condition

The book is about a worldwide secret priesthood, who date as far back as 5000 years before Christ, and who have formed the modern world. All religions, all ancient monuments and all governments, including Royal lineages, have their background in the Shining Ones. ~
With the coming of the Millennium, interest in the spiritual aspect of life has risen, while at the same time, church attendance is at an all time low. Instead, ancient Earth-aligned beliefs, in the guise of the New Age movement, are enjoying a rise in popularity. That there should be a return to 'old ways' is not surprising when we discover that these beliefs are not so outdated after all, that the practises denounced as pagan actually form the basis of 'orthodox' religions such as Christianity.
Mankind is more in-tune with the Universe than we realise, and the cyclical nature of the Earth tells us that we are on the threshold of a new beginning. The world is waiting for a new Messiah to show us the way. Whether he or she comes from the religious arena, or the world of politics, one thing is sure: like the countless others who came before, this Messiah will have been nurtured, shaped and placed here by the Shining Ones.

The early 'Messiahs' were gurus and shamans who understood how the world worked, and used that knowledge to their advantage. Later, came the priest/kings, with their cyclical birth/death/resurrection rituals. From here, organised religions developed, and with that came the perfect way to control the masses.
The story of The Shining Ones is the real history of mankind. Every twist and turn on the pathway of human evolution was put there deliberately by this secret priesthood for a mysterious and extremely long-term goal. On our journey to uncover the Shining Ones we will learn that history, as we know it, is a lie. History is, as Justice Holmes said, 'what the people who won say it is.' It has been warped over vast periods of time to fit with each generation's idea of what is fact and what is truth.
We will see how ancient man and his religious beliefs were perfectly parallel to current scientific thought, the difference being only in the terms used. The following pattern is common to the majority of the world's religions. Only God exists. He is supreme and is alone .The heavens and earth are formless and everything is in darkness and/or covered by primeval waters. Then there is light. Heaven and earth are split apart. The land is separated from the waters. Day and night are created with the emergence of the new sun. The land brings forth vegetation and eventually creatures. Birds and animals are created. Finally, man appears.

This pattern is also common to the current theories regarding the origin of species. It is completely in line with the big bang theory and yet seems to have emerged thousands of years ago.  The origin of life has always been a fundamental part of religion. The age of enlightenment of Darwin and his contemporaries drastically altered the religious outlook of the world. But if we look at the truth behind the origin of mankind, we will see that Darwin was only 'discovering' what was already known, that this age of enlightenment was planned; it had to happen for the required changes to occur. 

When we come to leave old religions behind, we are simply given a new one, more relevant to our age and to the political aims of the power brokers. But even the new belief systems are based upon the same old lies and the secret knowledge that we are supposedly too simple to understand.
Our belief systems, whether religious, scientific or political, have been manipulated by a secret and deadly group of individuals who have a history going back thousands of years. They have a name, they have a power base and they have a secret, locked away within their initiated few, which has major implications for the future of mankind. We will discover the secret and reveal it.

Once we decipher the Shining Ones' clues, we will see how the mysteries of the ancient and not so ancient world can now be solved, from megalithic standing stones, the Holy Grail and alchemy to the truth behind religion and our present political systems. We must forget the false interpretations of myth and religion we have heard so many times, and know them for what they really are: the secret language of the Shining Ones.