UFO Abductions - true cases of alien kidnappings

UFO Abductions - true cases of alien kidnappings
Edited by Scott Rogo
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Published by Signet, USA

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Strange visitors let loose among us. Some experts deny that UFOs exist, calling sightings, abductions, and other related events well-planned hoaxes. But more and more eyewitness evidence indicates that the UFO phenomenon is something that cannot be ignored or denied. Are we being contacted by beings intent on controlling human development for their own ends? Are aliens the messengers of a universal "supermind?" Or are these encounters actually visions drawn from the human subconscious in moments of extreme crisis? D. Scott Rogo and his fellow specialists in the fields of ufology and parapsychology explore these questions in the fascinating collection of abductions in this fascinating collection of abduction case histories from around the world - from the account of Travis Walton, kidnapped by aliens from front of five witnesses, to the young couple in Rhodesia whose car was taken over by a bizarre force. These are the actual verified experiences of victims of alien abductions