Summoned - encounters with alien intelligence

Summoned - encounters with alien intelligence
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By Dana Redfield

Published by Hampton Roads, USA 1999

Paperback 150mm x 230mm

Tens of thousands of people have reported being UFO contactees – UFO abductees – but their reports are rarely taken seriously. Society prefers to mock. So what do you do when you discover that you are a UFO contactee? More disturbingly, what do you when you discover that you are a UFO abductee? How do you live with it? And how do you find meaning in it?

Dana Redfield was a novelist, accustomed to creating complex characters and compelling stories. Finally she realized that some of the stories and themes that were welling up from within her reflected suppressed or distorted memories. And the more she accessed those memories, the more information began to pour in, in the form of communications from ‘them’; by telepathy, by holographic image, by sounds.

The message? That she, and we, were placed here for a specific purpose, that we have lessons to learn. But who was summoning her? Aliens? Angels? Or someone else?

This is a serious and challenging book that will make you question many easy assumptions. It is also a weighty and valuable book, drawing conclusions from five years of contact with alien intelligence. Not least, it is her own story, complete with the process of reconstructing her lost memories.