In The Presence of Aliens - a personal experience of dual consciousness

In The Presence of Aliens - a personal experience of dual consciousness
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By Janet Bergmark

Published by Llewellyn Publications, 1997

Paperback, 150mm 230mm

The alien abduction phenomenon is a mystery that begs for answers. Who are these strange creatures know as ‘aliens’? Where do they come from? Why are they contacting and abducting humans?

When contact begins in childhood, continues through adolescence, then follows you into adulthood, the mystery deepens. The critical question becomes; Why me? And finding the answer becomes central to your life.

I finally know why aliens have been abducting me, but the answer was not what I expected. What I learned was shocking. It rocked my reality and changed my perspective on everything...everything.

My search for answers led me on a journey to soul and to self. I visited a dimensional realm where alien beings and spiritual beings have collaborated on a most unusual plan. That plan became the purpose for my human life; The creation of a dual alien-human consciousness.

Alien beings even gave me a gift; the enchanting experience of standing in the light of my soul. As a human, I carry two lights, two souls. For what purpose? To enable an alien life form to learn what it means t be human. You and I – all human beings – are experiencing a unique reality. It is now of many in our multi-dimensional universe.

Live it well.