Preparing for Contact - a metamorphosis of consciousness

Preparing for Contact - a metamorphosis of consciousness
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By Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

Published by A Royal Priest Research Book, 1994

Psperback, 155mm x 230mm

Extraterrestrial contact is happening now.

We may not remember it clearly. We may think it is only a dream. We may ignore the signs of contact because we do not understand them. And most of all, we may simply be too frightened to fully acknowledge its presence. The contact experience is intricately tied to the nature of human consciousness. When we as a species evolve, so will the nature of our contact experiences.

This groundbreaking experience is a combination of narrative, precisely focused channelled material from a Pleiadian source, and personal accounts. An inside look at the ET contact experience is given, including what the human consciousness experiences during contact with an extraterrestrial and how our perceptions of reality change during contact. The authors present a breathtaking look at the contact phenomenon and its connection to the evolution of the human race.

As you journey through the pages of this book, you will also take an inner journey, through your own psyche and discover a whole new dimension to your unexplained experiences. Join us on the path of transformation as humankind begins