The Book that Jesus Wrote - John's Gospel

The Book that Jesus Wrote - John's Gospel
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By Barbara Thiering

Published by Bantam Press, 1998

Paperback, 110mm x 180mm, 323 pages

Used - solid reading copy

Barbara Thiering's previous works have been bestsellers in her native Australia, and Focus magazine said that the impact of her work '...may turn out to be as profound as that of Darwin's Origin of the Species'. This new book continues to reveal the 'real' Jesus and the history of his time by applying to the New Testament the insights and information contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The author argues that the Gospel of John was in fact written in code, by Jesus himself. She carefully analyses all the miracles and supernatural events to show that they did not happen as described. Instead, for those who understand the code, they provide a record of the development of the new religion that went on to lay the foundation of Western culture.