Edgar Cayce's Hidden History of Jesus

Edgar Cayce's Hidden History of Jesus
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Formerly titled ‘The Greatest story never told’

Edited by Kirk Nelson

Published ARE Press, USA, 1999

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The New Testament leaves much to the imagination about some aspects of the life of Jesus.

Edgar Cayce, America's sleeping prophet, gave many psychic readings that increased our knowledge about events surrounding the life of Jesus.

Kirk Nelson has brought together the biblical events surrounding Jesus and connected these with Cayce’s insights about the times of Jesus .

This book fills in many blanks left by history and the Bible.

The Last Supper comes alive; Mary’s time with the Essenes and Jesus’ physical appearance are described ; the activities of the lost years of His life are revealed.

The Cayce readings are blended with an overview of the four Gospels to create a fascinating read for anyone interested in what history knows or has forgotten about Jesus