Gifts from Spirit - a skeptics path

Gifts from Spirit - a skeptics path
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By Dennis F Augustine

Published by Heartsfire Books, USA, 1997

Paperback, 150mm x 230mm, 349 pages

Used - solid reading copy in great condition

Augustine once lived the "old" American Dream. With fierce ambition and relentless determination, he climbed up from the mean streets of Hoboken, NJ to become a noted pediatric physician and surgeon in California. Along the way, he acquired the expected perquisites of success: wealth; a nice family; respect in his field; a measure of celebrity. He also shouldered all of the expected uncertainties, fears and self-doubts. Then physical illness, financial difficulties, family crises, and a numbing sense of spiritual emptiness gradually altered Dr. Augustine's life forever, propelling him down the road toward that "new" American Dream - the quest for spiritual sustenance in a cold, materialistic world. Augustine's prose style is clear and without ostentation. The professional counseling of Bob Leonard and the influence of writers like Campbell, figure prominently in the author's search, though his ongoing personal encounters with Hippocrates stretch his credibility slightly. These meetings with his spectral Greek mentor have the Dickensian flavor of visitations from the Ghosts of Wellness Past, Present and Future. Oddly enough, however, they often enhance, rather than detract from, the book's intrinsic message and value. Augustine's journey to self-discovery may be a very personal one, but its basic theme is universal and he succeeds in crafting an interesting addition to the literature of self-discovery. -- From Independent Publisher