The Power of Spiritual Healing

The Power of Spiritual Healing
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By Harry Edwards

Published by Spiritual Healing Sanctuary Trust, UK, 1978 reprint

Hardback with dustwrapper, 140mm x 220mm, 172 pages

In great condition

To the spiritual healer no disease can be termed ‘incurable’ any more than spiritual healing can be called ‘mysterious’. That it may appear mysterious to some people is no doubt due to the limited understanding there has been of the way in which it operates. And it is towards a clearer comprehension that Harry Edwards makes this contribution with logical explanations to account for its achievements.

In his introduction Mr Edwards writes; “This book is not so much a scientific appreciation of spiritual healing as an effort to present eh healing story in a simple way, to enable everyone to have a measure of understanding of its powers, limitations, processes and purpose, and to show how all who are in need can benefit from it.

“Its scope takes into account the healing activities with the churches and other healing movements, outlining the common denominators that link them together on the premise that spiritual healing is God’s gift to all His creation irrespective of race or creed.”

Illustrating his points with case histories, and drawing upon his vast knowledge and experience gained in his world renowned healing practice, Mr Edwards shows that the healing purpose, apart from healing of the sick, is also to prevent disease in the future and ‘to awaken man’s spiritual consciousness by demonstration of the power of the Spirit and our kinship[p with it in this materialistic and scientific age”

Written with deep sincerity that is patent throughout, ‘The Power of Spiritual Healing’ makes an important contribution to the works on this fascinating subject.