The Medieval Foundations of England

The Medieval Foundations of England
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By G O Sayles

Published by Methuen, London, 1964

Hardback with dustwrapper, 482 pages, 140mm x 220mm

Nicked d/w edges, faded spine, donation stamp inside frontis, otherwise in great condition

A comprehensible and readable history of Medieval England, societally and economically and politically. Originally published by G. O. Sayles (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London). Chapters: Intro) Britain on the Eve of the Anglo-Saxon Settlements 1) The Sources of History before 871 2) The Early Conquests & Settlements 3) The Conversion of England 4) The Movement Towards Political Unity 5) The Sources of History, 871-1066 6) The Invasion of the Northmen 7) The Salvation of Wessex 8) The Conversion of Wessex Kingship Into an English Monarchy 9) St. Dunstan and the Revival of the Church 10) The Agricultural Foundation of England 11) The Structure of Anglo-Saxon Society 12) The Impact of Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon Civilizations 13) The Last English Kings 14) The Administrative History of England, 899-1066 15) Church and Culture in the 11th Century 16) The Feudalization of society before the Norman Conquest 17) The Impact of the Normans upon Anglo-Saxon Civilization 18) The sources of History in the 12th & 13th Centuries 19) Administration Under Norman Monarchy 20) The Lessons of Anarchy 21) The New Monarchy 22) The Religious Revival and Intellectual Renaissance 23) Administration Without the King 24) The Circumscription of Monarchy 25) The Striving Towards Constitutional Opposition 26) Social and Economic Developments in the 12th & 13th Centuries 27) The Medieval Parliaments of England