In the Light of Truth - Volume 1

In the Light of Truth - Volume 1
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By Abd-ru-shin

Published by Alexander Bernhardt Publishing Co 1971

USED - Hardback with dustwrapper, browned cover edges


With over 1,000,000 copies in print, In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message, by Abd-ru-shin (Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, 1875 - 1941) has captivated readers with clear-eyed wisdom for over 50 years. Outlawed by the Nazis and banned by Communist rulers, Abd-ru- shin's masterwork now speaks to new generations grappling with eternal questions like, Who am I?, Why am I here?, and What happens when I die? His answers are intended for the seeker who is willing to experience his explanations with a full heart and open mind. As Abd-ru-shin himself said, "The Message will strike only those who still carry within them a spark of truth and the yearning to be true human beings." In the Light of Truth is now available in 17 languages.