Abduction - human encounters with aliens

Abduction - human encounters with aliens
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By John E Mack

Published by Simon & Schuster, 1995

Soft cover, 130mm x 195mm, 432 pages

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Eye-opening, provocative and above all authoritative – Dr John Mack is professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School – Abduction is unlike any book on UFOs ever written.

After investigating more than eighty cases of alien abduction and conduction thousands of hours of interviews and treatment. Dr Mack is convinced that these men, women and children are not making up their stories, but reporting authentic experiences. They tell remarkably consistent tales of encounters with small grey beings with huge dark eyes who transport their immobilized subjects to a spacecraft where the captives are probed in a battery of tests that appear to relate to sexual and reproductive experiments.

The details Dr Mark provides will persuade every reader with an ooen mind that these accounts are not hallucinations, not dreams, but real experiments.