Operation V.2 - a fighting four adventure

Operation V.2 - a fighting four adventure
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By A. R. Channel (pseudonym for Arthur Catherall)

Published by The Childrens’ Press, UK, 1961

Hard cover with dustwrapper in very good condition, some wear on dw edges


Again it is a submarine that delivers our heroes to the target area. Again the rest of the raiding party is driven off and unable to land so that the full responsibility for success falls upon Ted and his three comrades. The title tells you all need to know about the mission that they are engaged in. The rocket range at Peenemunde has to be destroyed and the scientist with the knowledge to build the V2 rocket and guide it to fall on London has to be taken to England along with his family. The youngest of the patrol, the slow-thinking but persistent Sam, proves to be full of determination and, once again, the Fighting Four come through successfully.