Project Moondust - beyond Roswell

Project Moondust - beyond Roswell
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By Kevin D Randle, Capt U.S.A.F.R

Published by Avon Books, 1998

Soft cover, 135mm x 205mm, 313 pages

Used – solid reading copy

In The lazy project manager, Peter Taylor illustrates how we can achieve more without expending more time and energy. Welcome to the home of 'productive laziness' and a more focused approach to project management. Here, we are able to exercise our efforts where they really matter instead of rushing round involving ourselves in unimportant, non-critical activities that others can better address, or indeed that may not need addressing at all! It's all about working smarter and Peter Taylor gives his trade secrets away in a lively and entertaining way. This is not a training manual. You won't turn into a project manager by reading this book. But Peter, acting as 'virtual coach' will help you to identify and focus on the activities in your projects, do them well and enjoy the world of 'productive laziness