Sink the Rainbow ! - an enquiry into the 'Greenpeace Affair'

Sink the Rainbow ! - an enquiry into the 'Greenpeace Affair'
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By John Dyson

Published by Victor Gollancz UK, 1986

Soft cover, 140mm x 215mm, 192 pages

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In “Sink the Rainbow,” John Dyson, a New Zealand journalist and author, in collaboration with Joseph Fitchett of the International Herald Tribune in Paris, has put together a documentary account of the events which provoked the French External Security Service (DGSE) to sink the Rainbow Warrior in order to prevent it from leading a protest fleet to the nuclear test site at Moruroa Atoll in French Polynesia.

Telling the whole extraordinary story John Dyson reveals the fascinating analytical portraits of the French bomb business in Tahiti, the nuclear test site on a secret atoll, and the remarkable story behind Greenpeace. He reveals why the French authorities feared the Rainbow Warrior, recounts how Greenpeace was infiltrated by a female agent, and fits together the pieces of a fragmented jigsaw to show how the sabotage was probably carried out.

Though the whole story of the truth may never be known, Sink the Rainbow! Marshalls all the available facts in a vivid and horrifying account of how a nuclear superpower coldly deployed secret forces to frustrate a non-violent protest with bombs and demonstartes a self-evident truth – you can’t sink a rainbow