The Paschats and the Crystal People

The Paschats and the Crystal People
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By Murry Hope

Published by Toth Publications, 1992

Soft cover, 145mm x 200mm, 123 pages

Used – solid reading copy

These are astounding revelations from our relative future, scientifically authenticated, covering: the transforming eventual pole shift; cosmic genetic engineering; the quasi-crystal mystery; the role played by radioactivity in evolution; science and the occult; and much more. Murry Hope, one of the leading writers on the metaphysics and parapsychology, reveals her channeled communications with the Paschats, a race of leonine beings from what we call our future. If you feel an affinity with felines, you will love The Paschats And The Crystal People, a fascinating and gripping revelation. These advanced friendly races of lion-people are watching, guiding and caring