1918 - the Year of Victories

1918 - the Year of Victories
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By Martin Marix Evans

Published by Index Books, 2004

Soft cover, 130mm x 195mm, 240 pages

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At the outset of 1918, Germany faced certain defeat as a result of Allied technical information in tanks and aircraft, and the American entry into the war. Victory could only be gained by the immediate application of overwhelming force in new tactical form; the 'fire-waltz' artillery barrage and the storm-trooper infantry attack.

1918 examines both the Germans' tactics and the Allies' preferred solution to fighting this war, the combination of artillery. tanks, infantry and aircraft, and argues that this has reached a level in sophistication in command and control has never before achieved.

The war of attrition was far from over, but as more Americans arrived in France the ghastly cost became affordable. For the Germans, it became a question of whether they could negotiate an armistice before their armies were utterly destroyed