• Lost race of the Giants- the mystery of their culture, influence and decline throughout the world By Patrick Chouinard
    There are plenty of anecdotal stories within New Zealand that reveal the presence up and down the two islands of the skeletal remains of people who were of a height of at least eight feet or more. There is a story from the turn of the 20th century that tells of thousands of ‘giant’ bones that were removed from caves out near the Port Waikato area that were transported up to Onehunga to a fertiliser factory where they were ground up and subsequently sold as fertiliser. more...
  • Political Ponerology – a science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes. By Andrew M Lobaczewski
    Not many people know of Andrew Lobaczewski. He is not yet as famous as Aleksander Solzhenitsyn but one day, perhaps, his book will be the field reference to identifying evil. Lobaczewski has brought to the west's intellectual dining table a veritable feast for the mind, albeit one that may end up giving one an insufferable case of ineffectualness as one realises there is not a lot that can be done now that the world's global, political, and social landscape is in the sway of an epidemic of pathocracy of the sort that adequately defines evil.
  • The Hitler Legacy; The Nazi cult in diaspora, how it was organised, how if was funded and why it remains a threat to global security in the age of terrorism By Peter Levenda
    Peter Levenda has penned this brilliant expose on the American and European collaboration with the Nazi Underground and the subsequent rise of global terrorism. Levenda's search for the truth about ODESSA is based on a meticulous and thorough research of archival material, declassified intelligence reports, personal interviews with witnesses and investigations that have taken him to Asia, Latin America, Europe.
  • The Magicians of the Gods By Graham Hancock
    This is long awaited sequel to the best-selling 'Fingerprints of the Gods' that was published way back in the mid-1990s. One remembers attending a lecture presentation at Adventures Unlimited in the mid-1990s and being genuinely shocked by the multitude of images of the thousands of mysterious archaeological sites that litter our planet for which mainstream academia had no explanation , no knowledge of the civilizations who built them, no understanding of the technology required for such mammoth feats of engineering, feats that we could not hope to duplicate today or couldn't duplicate until the advent of modern machinery/technology. (For example cause I know you want one; the 800 ton trilithons at Baalbeck as a starter for $1).
  • The Templar Nation By Freddy Silva
    One has two burgeoning shelves of history books in one's personal library dedicated to the Knights Templar, most of them written by Englishmen based on translated French and English historical archives and most of them all very similar to each other. Prior to the arrival of this book onto the scene the most enlightening offering had been Andrew Sinclair's book 'The Temple Scroll' which surprised one with the background of Bernard of Clairvaux's entry into the Cistercian order/activities/life in the decades before the emergence of the Templar order.
  • DOCUMENTRAY REVIEW Bob Lazar Area 51 and Flying Saucers Produced by Jeremy Corbell
    Finally got to sit down and watch this recent documentary release from the producer Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer about Bob Lazar.
    Having been looking at the topic of ufology in my own pursuit for answers to the high strangeness that has appeared in my skies, I was aware of Bob fairly early on after his first emergence into the limelight back in the late 1980s claiming to have worked in a facility nobody had ever heard of - S4.