Aliens - can we make contact with extraterrestrial intelligence?

Aliens - can we make contact with extraterrestrial intelligence?
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By Andrew J H Clark & David H Clark

Published by Fromm International, 2000

Soft cover, 150mm x 230mm, 293 pages

Used – solid reading copy in excellent condition

In plain English, a father-son team of scientists draws on their extensive knowledge of contemporary physics and astronomy to describe the latest attempts to locate extraterrestrials and to explore the philosophical implications of that search.

If elementary life forms are common throughout the cosmos, could intelligent beings have evolved elsewhere? If they exist, why haven’t we been able to make contact? Is there a case to be made for a future scientific study of UFOs? If aliens visited us before recorded history, are we now overddue for another visit? Here two Oxford scientists – a physicist and a cosmologist – contemplate and consider all the plausible scientific answers to these questions, presenting a unique combination of up-to-date astronomical knowledge and philosophical inquiry into the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

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