Becoming Gods - a reunion with source

Becoming Gods - a reunion with source
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Cazekiel as channelled by James Gilliland

Published by Self-Mastery Earth Institute, 1998

Softc cover, 140mm x 215mm, 151 pages

This book contains prophecies and understandings concerning the past and future destiny of Humanity and the Earth. The information in this book is true. It transcends religious dogma, scientific dogma, social consciousness and will manifest as factual in the days to come. To some it will be unbelievable; to others it will resound in their heart of hearts and empower them to expand into, own and remember their divine origin. You are all eternal beings, loving, joyous, wise and powerful manifesting Gods and Goddesses. You have experienced many lives, on many planes and many dimensions. You have ancestors in the stars as well. This book is a beginning and a foundation to assist the radical few who have the courage and desire to start an outrageous journey and march forward into becoming Gods - an interdimensional journey into omniprescence.