Chosen - recollections of UFO abductions through hypnotherapy

Chosen - recollections of UFO abductions through hypnotherapy
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By Yvonne R Smith C.Ht.

Published by Backstage Entertainment, 2008

Soft cover, 150mm x 230mm, 209 pages

Used – solid reading copy in excellent condition

CHOSEN contains startling transcripts of subjects' recollections of alien abductions which hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith unblocks FROM hidden memory by regressive hypnotherapy. Have you ever wondered what is in your Subconscious? Really, really wondered? As an internationally recognized expert, certified hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith probes deep into her subjects' subconscious which CHOSEN dramatically reveals with the subjects' unedited transcripts, as Smith seeks the cause of their unexplained stress, to release them from the trauma many had needlessly suffered. Comparing the similarities of unblocked suppressed secrets reveals why some individuals wonder... were they Chosen? This candid exposure of their unlocked memories will rock the very core of your own reality!