Contact of the 5th kind - the silent invasion has begun

Contact of the 5th kind - the silent invasion has begun
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By Philip J Imbrogno & Marianne Horrigan

Published by Llewellyn Publications 1997

Soft cover, 130mm x 200mm, 260 pages

Used – solid reading copy

This is the book that blows the lid off the connection between UFOs and the U.S. Government! Rather than pie-in-the-sky theories,Contact of the 5th Kind presents an overwhelming body of evidence that leads you to a terrifying, undeniable truth: our own government has allowed aliens to abduct and experiment on U.S. citizens in exchange for technological secrets!

Contact of the 5th Kind was written by science educator and astronomer Philip J. Imbrogno and UFO researcher and writer Marianne Horrigan. Imbrogno has gone into the field to investigate and corroborate hundreds of abductions and contacts.

In Contact of the 5th Kind, you will be asked to do two things: read the evidence, then decide for yourself. The evidence includes:

- Statistical analysis pinpointing the center of UFO activity in the state of New York

- Eyewitness testimony of government cooperation with alien intelligence

- U.S. Government efforts to 'fake' a UFO

- Abductee and contactee testimony

- The link between blood type and alien contact (Are you at risk?)

- Evidence that alien-human hybrid babies exist

- Hard proof for contacts of the fifth kind, where humans psychically encounter or channel alien intelligence

Contact of the 5th Kind is the book that will shake the toughest skeptics and confirm all your deepest fears about government conspiracies and the aliens who have infiltrated our cities, our countries, our entire world. This is an invasion that cannot be ignored. Discover the truth today. Read Contact of the 5th Kind.