Everything Is Under Control - conspiracies, cults and cover-ups

Everything Is Under Control - conspiracies, cults and cover-ups
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By Robert Anton Wilson

Published by Pan Books, 1999

Soft cover, 135mm x 215mm, 435 pages

Used – solid reading copy

Before The X-Files, before alt.conspiracy, there was Robert Anton Wilson and his legendary ‘Illuminatus! Trilogy. Now, this deity of conspiriology will take you on a fascinating, exlectic ride through what Wilson has termed the ‘Cultic Twilight’ where unusual conspiracy theories flourish.

What do the Freemasons, the Kennedys and Princess Diana have in common?

All are at the centre of gigantic conspiracy theories with incredibly complex and endlessly multiplying twists and turns. Entries in this alternative encyclopedia are arranged in alphabetical order and are corss-referenced to many other entries in the book: any topical websites are lsied too, so ‘Everything Is Under Control’ is truly an extravaganza of conspiracies. Who could ask for more?

Whether your’e paranoid conspiracy fan or merely an intrigued onlooker, this book will almost certainly change your perception of life..beware!