Journey into Madness - Medical torture and the Mind Controllers

Journey into Madness - Medical torture and the Mind Controllers
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By Gordon Thomas
Published by Bantam Press, 1988 - first edition with dustwrapper - in excellent condition.
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In the first fully detailed investigation of medical torture, Gordon Thomas probes far into the hidden world of secret intelligence organisations, repressive governments and fanatical terrorists.

The picture he presents of the universal misuse of medical technique is chilling and unforgettable.

The story begins in the dark days of the Cold War. At its core lie two spy-masters - Allen Dulles and William Casey, both in their time Directors of the CIA, and both aware of the effectiveness of mind control as a means to political ends.

Unable under US law to experiment in America, Dulles instead funded a terrifying and dangerous programme of medical abuse under the aegis of Dr Ewen Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal.

There, Cameron took ordinary Canadian citizens, hospitalized through mental illness, and subjected them to horrific experiments in brain-washing and radical surgery.

His ultra-secret work not only ruined the lives of his victims, but deepened a dark alliance between medicine and espionage, between physicians and spies.

Today tthis has its full flowering in the cruel hostage taking in Beirut, where the most powerful man in the city is a doctor who carries a medical bag as he moves from safe house to safe house tending to his victims  -

Uncovering for the first time what lies behind their fate and that of others like them in many countires and under many differnet political regimes, Gordon Thomas delves inot the very secret side of medicine to expose the work of the mnd controllers and its devastating implications for the future of the modern world.