The Alien Tide - Book II The Mysteries of Sedona

The Alien Tide - Book II The Mysteries of Sedona
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By Tom Dongo

Published Hummingbird Publishing Co, 1990

Soft cover, 140mm x 215mm, 132 pages

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"I would venture a guess that if someone were to go to a place such as Syracuse, Little Rock, San Antonio, Key West, Pocatello, Des Moines, or Spokane and dig around for two years as I did here, that person would come up with as much material as I have about Sedona.”

The following incidents and encounters are a broad representation of UFO/ET encounters by area residents and visitors. My opinion is that many of these incidents resulted in the abduction of the individuals involved. I have talked at length with most of these people. It's difficult to put into words the sincerity and concern that was reflected in their voices and faces about what they had experienced. When a mature man or woman breaks down emotionally over a UFO experience they are reliving in an interview, this is to me strong evidence that the person is not lying or simply making up a story. I feel fortunate to have shared in their experiences, and I share in turn these experiences here with you