The Andreasson Affair - Phase Two

The Andreasson Affair - Phase Two
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By Raymond E Fowler

Published by Wild Flower Press, 1994

Soft cover, 226 pages, 155mm x 230mm, 226 pages

Used- solid reading copy

Betty Andreasson’s story is timeless. Even now – twelve years after its initial printing, we still have something to learn from this woman’s incredible experiences with extraterrestrials.

This fascinating sequel both answers many of the questions raised by the first Andreasson Affair and presents some extraordinary new facts. Soon after the publication of The Andreasson Affair it became evident that the case was by no means closed. Mysterious unmarked helicopters shadowed Betty and her husband, Robert Luca, when they were at home and on vacation. Strange, apparently paranormal experiences plagued the newlywed couple.

And then Robert Luca began to have vague but disturbing memories of an abduction of his own.