The Communion Letters

The Communion Letters
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Edited by Whitley and Anne Strieber

Published by Pocket Books1998

Soft cover, 110mm x 175mm, 288 pages

Used – solid reading copy

The Heart of the Mystery -

They are called Others, Visitors, Grays, Friends or Strangers. No one knows who or what they are. But due to the intense investigation of the past few years, resulting from the publication of the controversial bestseller ‘Communion’, their reality is no longer a question.

They are among us -

These letters, often awkward, sometimes incredulous, and always searingly honest, document the fact that hundreds of thousands have experienced the ‘Communion’ phenomena; childhood visitations, the ‘nine knocks’, mysterious scars and implants, abduction, sexual encounters and ‘black sedans’.

It’s all here -

Unvarnished and irrefutable. Assembled for the first time, these letters lead us to the heart of the greatest mystery of our age. For it is in these authentic personal encounters of ordinary men adn women that we come closest to the truth about who They are and what They want with us. In the dramatic words of Whitley Strieber, these letters report – a courtship