The ET - Human Link - we are the message

The ET - Human Link - we are the message
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By Dana Redfield

Published by Hampton Roads, US,2001

Soft cover, 155mm x 230mm, 278 pages

Used – solid reading copy

In her relentless quest for the truth, alien abductee Dana Redfield breaks new ground in The ET-Human Link, a book that probes new depths of personal experience as well as forbidden knowledge and history. From Atlantis, to biblical and American Native legends, to "other world" memories, Redfield shows a picture of alien abduction like no other. She explores the formidable terrain of human origins, DNA, consciousness, reincarnation, and theories about evolution of the soul, daring to propose a profound purpose behind the UFO presence. Presenting her theories with the verve, wit, and often lyrical tone of her writing, Redfield draws us into the metaphorical channel between life and right hemispheres, between mind links and "metafractals" - connections between metaphors, events, and experiences - to share her vision of the "golden children" we are becoming.

From the author of "Summoned: Encounters with Alien Intelligence" Redfield's in-depth knowledge of the alien abduction phenomenon blended with personal experience, startling insight, and characteristic humor. Opens the door to new theories about the purpose and duration of extraterrestrial intervention. A compelling work on a topic that may redefine humankind's perception of ourselves, our history, and the universe we live in