The Hot Zone - the true-life thriller

The Hot Zone - the true-life thriller
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By Richard Preston
Published by Corgi Books1994
Paperback, good reading copy

Imagine a killer with the infectiousness of the common cold and power of the Black Death. 

Imagine something so deadly that it wipes out 90% of those it touches.

Imagine an organism against which there is no defence.

But you don't need to imagine.

Such a killer exists; it is a virus and its name is Ebola.

The Hot Zone tells what happens when the unthinkable becomes reality; when a deadly virus, from the rainforests of Africa, crosses continents and infects a monkey house ten miles from the White House.

Ebola is that reality. It has the power to decimate the world's population. 

Try not ot panic.

It will be back

There is nothing you can do....

"One of the most terrifying books I've ever read. Move over Stephen King and Michael Crichton - this REALLY HAPPENED, within sight of the Washington Monument. And Sooner or later it will happen again" ARTHUR C CLARKE

"One of the most horrifying things I've ever read. What a remarkable piece of work."  STEPHEN KING