The Kennedys - the conspiracy to destroy a dynasty

The Kennedys - the conspiracy to destroy a dynasty
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By Matthew Smith
Published by Mainstream Publishing 2005
Hardback with dustwrapper, 304 pages, great clean reading copy

The Kennedys uncovers the truth behind the greatest conspiracy story of the twentieth century.- the devastating plot against America s first family. Mind-boggling in its implications, the conspiracy aimed at changing the direction of American politics but went much further, altering the political direction of the whole world.

In the view of the conspirators, John F. Kennedy should never have become president in the first place. His plans to put the needs of the people before those of big business were intolerable. From the moment he took office, he was on his way out. It was only a question of time. his is a story of hatred, revenge and murder that was covered up by stark fear for many years.

Revealing the amalgamation of two potent forces dedicated to ridding the White House of the Kennedys, the question demanding to be asked is- who really ruled the United States? To many across the world, the answer may be frightening. "