The Poisoned Needle - suppressed facts about vaccination

The Poisoned Needle - suppressed facts about vaccination
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By Eleanora McBean
Published by Health Research USA
Papaerback in excellent condition

Discussing Small Pox decline before Vaccines, history of Vaccines, Cancer and Vaccines, Syphilis, other diseases caused by Vaccines, Polio, Medical interference.

Eleanor McBean - a researcher and author, created one of the best sources for truth on the Vaccination issue. Cold hard facts and many studies, examples, charts, photos and proofs are included in this very important work. "Physicians have been looking in the wrong direction for the cure of disease. The cause of disease is stubbornly ignored and the seeds for more disease are sown with the use of vaccination. This infusion of poison into the masses only serves to intensify the disease in some cases, suppress the symptoms in others, and create new and more serious disease. Thus, the simple diseases of the past have devolved into the horrors of the present-our terrifying and expanding crop of "killer diseases". Eleanor McBean has accumulated compelling evidence regarding the vaccination of the masses, the role of politics and profit, and reasons we should reject The Poisoned Needle