The Poisoning of New Zealand

The Poisoning of New Zealand
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By Meriel Watts
Published by Auckland Institure of Technology Press, 1994 OUT OF PRINT

Paperback, 224 pages, good clean reading copy

A scholarly & thorough investigation of New Zealand's chemical agriculture, and NZ's public policy makers who have helped to compromise NZ's air, water, food, leaving NZers an enduring and terrible legacy of human suffering and ecological destruction. This book is a measured, scientific look at one aspect - persticides - of the contamination of environment. The data exists and yet because of the paucity of information that has been made available to the general populace, this book is likely to be controversial. 

Where information that challenges the status quo is suppressed, anything 'new' is likely to provoke controversy, although to most well read people in other countries, this information is hardly new.

As The Poisoning of New Zealand amply & thoroughly documents, we have adopted the mistaken belief that we could pour massive tonnages of pesticides on our land without negative health consequences; that if we pretended that these awful powerful toxins had no effect on our health, well, they wouldnt.

It documents the callous disregard for human health (still ongoing as of 2024) by the very people who are supposedly responsible for our protection.

For three years Meriel Watts worked as the Pesticides Campaigner for GREEMPEACE and a contributor to 'Soil & Health', a magazine that has been campaiging for the obvious since the 1940s.