The UFO Diaries

The UFO Diaries
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By Martin Plowman

Published by Allen & Unwin, 2011

Soft cover, 135mm x 210mm, 303 pages

A funny, weird and hugely entertaining memoir of travelling around the world in search of UFO landing sights, UFO believers and abductees.

When postgrad student Martin Plowman became fascinated by the weird world of UFOs, alien abductions and conspiracy theories, he didn't realise it would lead to an amazing seven-year journey that would take him thousands of kilometres across the world.

In his quest to uncover the mystery at the heart of people's fascination with UFOs, Martin met surprisingly grateful alien abductees in Mexico, reluctant UFO 'witnesses' in Roswell and secretive mountain ufologists in Chile.

Both funny and profound, The UFO Diaries is the kind of book Bill Bryson and Douglas Adams might've written if they'd been abducted on the same flying saucer. Part travelogue, part memoir, part social history, it won't matter whether you believe or disbelieve in UFOs - you'll just be dazzled by your journey into the world of high strangeness