The UFO Magazine - UFO Encyclopedia

The UFO Magazine - UFO Encyclopedia
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By William J Birnes

Published by Pocket Books, 2004

Soft cover, 140mm x 210mm, 363 pages

Used – solid reading copy

With over 5,000 entries, revealing photographs and diagrams, and the editorial review of UFO experts, the book draws from a database of 17 years worth of articles featured in UFO Magazine. The encyclopedia will feature entries on the science of time travel, antigravity propulsion, psycho kinesis, astral projection and teleportation, as well as alien abduction and evidence of extra-terrestrial presence on Earth. Exploring all points of view on this controversial topic, THE UFO MAGAZINE UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA features the latest scientific evidence about UFOs, but also addresses the views of UFO sceptics. Featuring information on all aspects of UFO studies, from Area 51 to Nikola Tesla's attempts to communicate with beings in outer space, the UFO MAGAZINE UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA will be the most thorough single-volume UFO reference in print.