The Vaccination Dilemna

The Vaccination Dilemna
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BY Christine Murphy
Published by Lantern Books, 2002
Paperback - great reading copy

In their first five years of life, children are expected to undergo 37 doses of eleven different vaccines. No one disputes the importance of vaccines as a medical tool. 

However, a growing body of evidence has linked immunization with autism, seizures, asthma, arthritis, Crohn's disease and even hyperactivity and learning diabililties. Still, we continue to use vaccination as 'insurance' against diseases that no longer pose a significant threat. 

Written by physicians, nurses and authorities on the vaccination debate, this book presents current scietific knowledge about the immune system and vaccines and offers suggestions and resources for the times when your child is sick. Most of all, this book will help prepare you to make, in consultation with one of more health professionals, educated vaccination decisions for your childre.